How many times today have you scrolled through your favorite social media platform? We all do it, and every day more and more brands are creating targeted content to keep us engaged. So don’t let your school get lost in a sea of posts! Instead, start building an effective content strategy to highlight your school community on the social media platforms families spend more time on. 

The average person watches a social media post just for 1.7 seconds, so how do you make your content stand out? 

1: Promote Trust

Trust is a powerful thing! It is essential to increase families’ confidence in your school to keep them active and engaged. Start by sharing helpful content, like links and resources, to help parents stay up to date with the latest educational trends and school updates for their students. Remember that using a friendly, casual, and empathetic tone while addressing parents will help them know that you care about their needs and concerns. Finally, make sure to reply to all comments and direct messages asking about your school, so you can encourage leads to enroll in the best school for them: yours. 

2: Show What Your School Is All About

The core of every school is its teachers and students, so why not show how proud you are of them? Highlighting your staff’s accomplishments lets parents get to know their teaching style, experience, and personality. This can be executed by creating teacher features! Use short videos to show what a typical day looks like for both teachers and students, how they collaborate and overcome challenges together. By doing so, you’ll help families fall in love with your unique community in no time. 

3: Spark FOMO

The fear of missing out (FOMO) is a powerful tactic to keep your audience engaged, so show families why they can’t find a school like yours elsewhere. Create recap content of student events that will make parents feel part of your community even before they submit an application. Lastly, create free and engaging content like live Q&A sessions, contests, or Instagram polls to get their insights in real-time. 

Getting students to show up on the first day of school requires strategic communication through various channels. Start working towards it today by sharing memorable content and highlighting your amazing community to help your school stay top of mind. If you need assistance to create multi-platform targeted ad campaigns to attract new students, Schola has the tools for you. Schedule a chat with us today to leverage your social media communication like never before.