Do you remember when you started to think about going to college? Nowadays, students of all ages can begin developing a college mindset early in their academic careers. As school leaders, providing a supportive and encouraging environment for students can help them set goals, visualize their future, and start pursuing their dreams. 

Keep in mind that small everyday efforts can go a long way! There are several ways you can help spark students’ interest in a college or university degree and highlight college preparation in and out of the classroom. Here we’ll share three Schola recommendations you can easily implement next semester: 

1. If You See It, You Can Be It! 

Most teens and pre-teens spend hours every day on social media, so why not use it to ignite their interest in college? By creating regular social media posts highlighting alumni success stories, essential university jargon, and college anecdotes from their favorite faculty members, students can feel inspired by the success and experiences of people from their community. Bonus: this makes for great content to get families more engaged with your social media platforms!

2. College Prep For The Whole Family 

A friendly reminder goes a long way! With Schola’s Automated Outreach Campaigns, you can easily share targeted information via email or text messages about important deadlines for 11th-12th grade students, such as PSAT, SAT, AP exams, scholarship opportunities, and financial aid. By keeping families updated about all essential things related to starting university, you will also be able to get parents involved so they ensure documents get completed and deadlines met. This will support students to successfully move forward toward their next step in education.  

3. Kindle Their College Spirit! 

Organizing online or in-house events dedicated to sharing helpful information and answering questions from both parents and students can help boost their confidence about college. These events can be hosted by the school’s counselor and could have special guest speakers like college professors or financial aid specialists. Events like this will also serve as an amazing opportunity to bring your school community together and strengthen it. Keep in mind that it’s never too early to start igniting the college spirit within your students. If you are an elementary school leader, you can also host college themed events to spark students interest in a fun way without too much pressure.

We all know that every significant change comes with some uncertainty, so helping students and families feel confident about their future transition to college is essential for their success. 

At Schola, we offer tools to help school leaders communicate continuously with parents and students without spending too much time. By claiming your Schola profile today, you can make the most of our bilingual outreach tools to reach families and ensure the whole family is updated, informed, and ready for college. This next school year, build a stronger sense of community in your school and give parents and students all the information they need to head out to their next academic venture!