For six years now, Schola has helped thousands of students find their ideal educational setting to improve their education outcomes. We have traveled all around the United States, from California to New York and everywhere in between, spotlighting amazing schools in the country. But there is one thing that always catches our attention and inspires us — the teachers. Witnessing firsthand the passion that drives teachers and school leaders to unlock students’ full potential is truly one of the best parts of working with schools. 

Educators are the backbone of every school, and that’s why this year, during teacher appreciation week, our Schola team wanted to do something extra special to celebrate teachers from all different walks of their careers. From educators who have been teaching for more than 20 years to teachers just starting their educational journey, we wanted to remind them how much we value their commitment to building future leaders who will make a positive difference in the world.

“Joy is the simplest form of gratitude.” – Karl Barth.

We’ve worked with some amazing schools all across the country, including Phoenix schools AmeriSchools Academy Camelback and Empower College Prep. We reached out to their leadership teams and they each nominated 2 teachers who have done an exceptional job this school year. Teachers Miss Hadcock, and Ms. Gupta from Empower College Prep and Ms. Roberts and Mrs. Brown from AmeriSchools were selected, and we couldn’t wait to meet them! It was so admirable how much the school leaders knew about their nominated teachers – from their favorite snacks to their favorite activities, it was clear these schools were like family. With the teachers’ interests in mind, we put together a Schola goodie bag packed full of their favorites. 

Then, it was time for the ultimate surprise. With flowers, goodie bags, and an absurd amount of balloons in hand, it was time to visit the classrooms! This was the most exciting part – the anticipation, sneaking across the school with the gifts, and the joy (and confusion) on students’ as we walked by. 

As we entered each classroom cheering, clapping, and blowing our party horns, each teacher had a different and equally priceless reaction. Some stood there stunned and confused, while others had an immediate jaw-drop and excitement. But even more priceless than the teachers’ reactions was the students. In each classroom, the students quickly joined us in cheering and clapping to celebrate their favorite teachers, thrilled that they got to be part of the fun. It was so sweet seeing how much these students truly loved their teachers. When we asked if they loved their educators, students bursted out with “Heck yeah! She’s the best!” and “She helps us make the most beautiful projects!”  

favorite teacher

Though we only got to highlight outstanding teachers, all teachers make such a difference and deserve to be celebrated, so we also dropped off some donuts in the teachers’ lounge to thank them for all they do. It filled us with joy being able to empower and inspire both teachers and students and make that day memorable for the Empower and AmeriSchools’ communities. Our TeacherSurprise celebration was just a small token of our thankfulness for educators all across the country. Teacher appreciation isn’t limited to just one week, it’s daily gratitude! 

TeacherSurprise reminds us of the power of small actions and how we can all thrive together when we feel supported. At Schola, we believe that schools are communities where teachers and students can find their unique voices, develop their talents, and get inspired to impact the world around them. Schools are not just about academics; they should be safe environments where we feel free to learn, grow, and have fun in the process. 

favorite teacher

“When we work towards something, not only for ourselves but for the people around us, nothing can stop us.” – Jaime Martinez, Founder & CEO of Schola.

Working alongside parents and schools is what drives us here at Schola. We are passionate about placing each student in the right classroom to help them reach their full potential. Education is not one-size-fits-all and we are here to help students, families and educators to achieve greatness.  

favorite teacher

Ready to feel inspired? Check out our TeacherSurprise videos to see some of the most outstanding teachers in the country get surprised and celebrated by their community and don’t forget to subscribe to our Schola YouTube channel to find out what a day is like in the life of schools across the country.

Check out their priceless reactions in the videos below!

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