Every school has outstanding attributes that make it special. From its close-knit community to its educational approach, your school has so much to offer, and families need to know about it. Finding new and creative ways to showcase everything you love about your school and its community is essential to keep new and returning families informed and engaged. 

The start of the new school year can be the perfect time to display all the features that interest parents and students. If you aim to highlight specific characteristics and use buzzwords or educational jargon to describe them, videos are a great way to do it! 

YouTube has around 2 billion active users each month, and about 5 billion videos are watched daily, so why not use this vast platform to share your content? Here are three Schola-approved tips to keep your content game strong and help parents understand all your school offers as the new semester approaches.

1. Create a Video Outline

When creating a video for social media platforms like YouTube, following an outline is essential for success. Videos need to tell a story (it can focus on innovative programs that your school offers, its passionate staff, a day in the life of students, etc.), and there are formulas that can help you achieve it. Having an outline will help you be more efficient with your time while creating and editing videos. Try using a hook (a clip designed to catch people’s attention) to kick off your video, include a branded intro/outro, and provide a clear call to action, all to encourage families to watch the entire video and get the right message.  

2. Beat the Algorithm

Introduce your school to new potential families and engage your current community by following some of these best practices:

  • Use 70 out of the 100 characters that YouTube allows
  • Capitaline ONE word in the title
  • Add keywords and numbers
  • Include something on brackets (here you can highlight special school features) 
  • Choose an on-brand and fun title & thumbnail

3. Measure Success

Keeping track of your YouTube Analytics will help you measure success, reassess, and keep going strong! Metrics to keep on the lookout for are:

  • Your channel’s CTR (click-through rate) shows how many users click on your video. Keep in mind that you should aim for 4-5% CTR
  • How much time do people spend watching your video? 60% of watch time is a healthy goal to aim for! 
  • Which are your top performing videos, and why do they work for your channel and engage its audience? 

Starting to create engaging and compelling content is all about testing what uniquely works for you and your audience. Follow these three tips, and you will start seeing results on your school’s YouTube channel! 

At Schola, we offer free and valuable tools to help you create engaging videos and centralize all your metrics. Let Schola help you capture what your school is all about! Our team can help you create a FREE Schola School Chat video to give your community’s families a high-quality sneak peek of all that your school’s has to offer. In addition, Schola’s Lead Management tool will allow you to organize and track new potential families in one place, so no lead falls through the cracks. Start sharing your school’s unique story today!