What makes your school special? For many schools, it’s not just the academics that make their education so great, but the wide array of after-school programs and electives that are offered. At Schola, we know how important it is to highlight what makes each school unique to reach its enrollment goals. Every day more parents across the country come to us looking for a school that meets their child’s unique needs and interests, and yours might be the right fit!  

If you are seeking to boost your recruitment efforts and overall engagement of current and prospective new families, promoting your school’s after-school activities like sports, student government, community service, arts, hobbies, and educational clubs, can be what sets it apart from other schools in your area. 

Extracurricular activities have many benefits that parents are interested in, like improvement in students’ time management skills, development of a healthy work ethic, and enhancement of social skills. Not to mention they can even play a significant role in a university’s admission decision (hello college!) So finding creative ways to highlight all of your school’s after-school activities and clubs will increase curiosity and engagement within your community. But how to emphasize these activities to reach more families?

Schola School Profile

By claiming or logging back into your Schola profile, you’ll get immediate access to a multitude of FREE recruitment resources that will help you reach your goals for the school year. When families search for a school on Schola, the programs and extracurriculars your school offers can be what seals the deal and gets interested parents to apply.   Make sure your profile is up to date with all of your after-school activities so families can easily find your school based on what matters most to them. (Hint: you can add in photos as well to increase interest in your top extracurriculars!)

Social Media Content

You might have noticed that lately, videos rule almost all social media platforms. By creating quick and engaging videos of your after-school activities, you can show prospective families what they are missing out on. Getting students and teachers/coaches to do the talking will help both new parents and students to imagine themselves as part of your school community. You don’t even need sophisticated equipment to create engaging content, just an iPhone will do! (But if you need assistance creating a high-quality video that captures the essence of your school, we can help! Contact us at videos@scholamail.com and our team of marketing experts will reach out to you to schedule a FREE one-minute promotional video to share with prospective families😉)

School Events 

Creating an engaging event calendar for your school will not only build interest but will also help strengthen your school community. Remember that email campaigns starting at least one week before the event and offering personalized communication will increase your open rate and encourage parent participation. As you know, when parents are satisfied with the school offer and how their children are developing academically and socially, they will most likely help promote your school through word of mouth (a crucial marketing tool for any brand!) 

If you are interested in any of these tactics but want extra guidance on implementing them this school year, join our weekly webinars. Every Thursday, our marketing team shares the latest strategies and tips proven to increase parent engagement. Start to effectively promote your after-school activities and help new families fall in love with your unique school!