As August comes to an end, both teachers and students have already settled in their classrooms and are ready to tackle the semester. We know you have many exciting plans to keep students engaged and support your staff’s needs so learning is a successful experience for everyone at school. But what tactics are you using to keep parents in the loop of everything going on at your school?

We are all aware that communication is vital for meeting parents’ needs and concerns, but it’s also conducive to building a strong school community. Creating a sense of community takes time and effort, and choosing the right channels can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of your communication. It can also give you an insight into current families’ experience at your school.

You already know that at Schola, our team is always ready to lend a helping hand; that’s why we have created a list of quick and easy ways to communicate with your school community and learn more about them. 

Social Media

Is your goal to increase parent involvement and participation in your school events? Slide into their social media! Use the channel in which they spend the most time in, to show them what to expect at your next school event or what they missed from a previous one. Sparking a sense of curiosity or FOMO (fear of missing out) can increase the effectiveness of your message. Remember to include the event’s date, address, school logo, and contact information, so parents get all the details they need to join your community. 

Creating visually appealing posts doesn’t need to require extra hours of work. By using tools like Canva, you can build engaging graphics for your next event. Oh, and don’t forget to monitor the comments section and reply to any questions! Keep in mind that by responding to one parent’s question, you might also be answering the same doubt of many more families. 

Keep the conversation going by asking questions through polls, live Q&As, or asking them to answer directly in the posts comment section. Don’t forget that timely responses are essential to helping your school community feel heard and valued. 

Email & Text

Want to send quick and focused messages? Look no further than text and email! Both are great tools to communicate quickly with current families and send them targeted communication. Schola’s comprehensive messaging tool can simplify your communication efforts and even send messages to families in both English and Spanish to boost their engagement. 

Keep in mind to avoid generic email headlines to increase your open rate, and keep your text messages at 160 characters or less. Using targeted messaging will strengthen your school community and encourage direct communication, so parents feel free to express their needs. 

School’s Website

Are you looking to increase traffic on your school’s website? Update your pictures and even consider including a video highlighting your school’s essence. At Schola, we can help you create high-quality video interviews that bring your school to life! By capturing your students, staff, and facilities on video for families to see, your website can become more engaging and welcoming to your entire school community. 

Don’t forget to monitor your Contact Us section, where you can also obtain feedback on what parents want to see next, answer questions, and gain input to help you tweak efforts and provide a better experience for your current families.

Implementing these tactics will help you share invitations and updates in ways that families cannot miss. Through effective communication, you will also get to know your school community better, serve their needs and appeal to their interests. These communication channels are a fantastic way to spotlight all the amazing things your school has to offer and create word of mouth in your community. 

If you are looking to get more tips to strengthen your school community and streamline your communication, join Schola’s weekly webinars. They are completely free, and you will get to know the latest tactics and trends to leverage your communication while also connecting with school leaders from all over the country. Join the conversation and maintain your school community stronger than ever!