If you are a school leader, chances are you are currently focused on arranging every detail for the beginning of the semester. From making sure everything is ready on time to communicating with parents, students and staff, there is a lot on your plate this season! That’s why identifying new ways to work smarter and not harder can be a real game changer for getting everything accomplished.

Beat the back-to-school chaos by adopting these three tips to streamline your workday and find effective ways to complete tasks:

Time Distribution

When establishing short-term and long-term goals for the semester, ensure your staff understands their roles and responsibilities in accomplishing those objectives. In addition, being aware of what is expected will encourage the entire team to complete their tasks in a timely manner. 

Scheduling tasks like responding to phone calls or emails at the beginning of the day will help you get them out of the way quickly so you can focus on getting more important work done. Remember that you can promote better time distribution among staff members by providing feedback, examples, and even offering praise to help boost their individual and collective confidence and productivity. 

Automate & Delegate

Delegating tasks and responsibilities to your staff will not only allow you to find more time for tackling other priorities but also encourage relationships of trust and accountability within the team. At Schola, we offer a comprehensive messaging tool to simplify and streamline communication as well as text and email automation tools. By automatizing your school’s outreach campaigns, you can follow up with potential families to keep them engaged without sacrificing your time. Another task you can delegate through automatization is searching for new potential leads. Schola’s Live Parent Search lets you connect with families currently shopping for schools in your target area, so you don’t have to invest too much time and effort. 

Unplug Regularly

Finding ways to rest and disconnect will not only impact your productivity but can also reduce stress, improve relationships, and help you achieve a better work-life balance. Remember that multitasking sometimes decreases your efficiency, so start working smarter by giving your brain a regular break. 

Focusing on finding and implementing new ways to maximize your time and boost your team’s productivity will be essential for success this new school year. At Schola, we are ready to help you gain control of your time and facilitate reaching your enrollment goals. It doesn’t matter if your team is big or small; Schola has the right tools to help you work smarter and achieve all your follow-up tasks and enrollment goals.