Every day more and more families are looking for specific educational approaches to help their children receive the support they need to thrive. Personalized Learning is one of the many options out there for a more complete and customizable learning experience. This type of learning provides a tailored academic approach to each student’s strengths, needs, and interests. It encourages students to choose what, how, when, and where they learn. 

Personalized learning is not about using devices or prepackaged lesson plans; rather it focuses on discovering efficient ways to integrate new tools and teach students the skills they’ll need to succeed in the modern world. Is your school considering shifting to a more personalized learning approach? Have new potential families been asking about it? Here are three reasons why many families are choosing to enroll their students in schools with one-on-one personalized learning: 

1. The power of a holistic approach to education

Saying goodbye to the traditional curriculum can be a real game-changer for both students and teachers. Exploring new ways to spark the passion for learning and developing different sets of skills can be enriching for everyone in the classroom. Parents look for personalized learning because it makes every lesson a new opportunity to enrich the student’s unique academic journey, using their day-to-day experiences as part of the learning process. It allows them to receive the most attuned education while also giving teachers more one-on-one lesson time. Even if personalized learning might not necessarily resemble the traditional education we received in school, it is a natural evolution that helps recognize and highlight each student’s unique academic, social, and personal strengths.

2. Focused attention on each student’s needs

Hands-on learning and tailored instruction are some of the benefits that personalized learning provides to families. It allows educators to inspire and encourage students to reach their personal goals while also obtaining the right social and emotional skills for success in the future. Every learning experience helps children quickly turn their challenges into victories and build a strong foundation for their future. Finally, transparent teacher-to-parent communication is another aspect families are actively searching for when looking for their ideal school because it allows them to feel more confident and involved in their child’s education. 

3. Less homework & more opportunities to learn

Another reason why parents are loving the personalized learning approach is because it provides a more balanced learning experience that lightens the homework load by focusing on what the student will benefit from the most when doing schoolwork at home. Through personalized learning, students, parents, and teachers work together to engage and support the child’s interests. For many families, less homework means more time to explore passion projects, hobbies, extracurricular activities, and interests that will help the student develop unique skills that will set them apart in the academic and professional world. 

Currently about 22% of educators use personalized learning in their classrooms, helping increase students’ comprehension. Returning from virtual learning, many schools and parents alike are seeing a need for personalized learning in the classroom. If you are already implementing personalized learning in your classrooms, let the world know! Claim your Schola profile and highlight this sought-after asset so parents looking for this educational approach can find your school faster. At Schola, we are always eager to help you shine a spotlight on what makes your school unique and ideal for many families out there.