How much time does your child spend online? 40% of students spend around 3-4 hours on a mobile device, which can increase during holidays or summer break. Let’s make the most of your child’s screen time and help them continue learning while having fun! 

Here are five online apps to keep young children entertained and engaged with various school subjects during the summer.

Tate Kids

Focus: Art

Created for children six or older, this free website allows users to play free art-related games and quizzes. Tate is a group of interesting European art galleries that created this children-focused project to help students with their art homework, provide inspiration, encourage creativity, and promote confidence to share their creations. Regardless of your child’s favorite art area, they will learn and explore new ways of expressing themselves. Grab a tablet, and let’s start creating today! 

Toon Math

Focus: Math

Do you remember the endless runner game? It is a game in which the player character has to run for an infinite amount of time while avoiding obstacles. Well, Toon Math crosses between a math game and an endless runner! In this app, players sprint on a three-lane route while dodging hazards. The game will present an arithmetic issue when a player picks a number. Solve the problem by jumping over obstacles in the lane with the correct answer. Both parents and students will be on the edge of their seats with this fun and active game.  

Vocabulary Spelling City

Focus: Vocabulary

With free and premium memberships available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play, this app is ideal for 4 to 18 years old students. This literacy tool helps boost spelling and grammar skills for all students. It will also help them build vocabulary retention and reading comprehension throughout the summer. Its free version allows users to try out 40+ free online spelling games with pre-populated word lists. Help diversify and increase your child’s vocabulary with this engaging app! 

Adventure Academy

Focus: History & Social Studies

Who doesn’t like a good adventure? This educational multiplayer online game takes kids ages 8 to 13 on an exciting knowledge quest. Through more than 4,000 activities, players can explore language, arts, math, science, and social studies. In this fully immersive virtual universe for those seeking knowledge and adventure, an epic learning adventure awaits! 

Camp Wonderopolis

Focus: Science

This free app, available in the iTunes App Store for children four and older, is one of the most popular educational tools. Wonderopolis was built by the National Center for Families in 2010 as a free way to keep children and their families learning outside of school and help avoid the loss of academic skills and knowledge throughout long school holidays like summer. The app has five Wonderopolis camps that aim to keep children engaged with fun, interactive STEM and literacy-building topics. 

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