Can you name that one teacher who made a significant impact on your life? An elementary, middle, or high school teacher that ignited your interest in a particular subject, boosted your confidence, or brought out the best in you. A great educator is not necessarily related to what they teach but how they teach it. They are like real-life superheroes that impact a student’s life, from their academics to their long-term personal and professional success. 

While there are great attributes in all teachers, we can agree that great ones share certain qualities that make them special. From the way they approach situations to their encouraging words, let’s dive right into four characteristics of a memorable teacher that we can all be grateful for. 

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Shows Empathy & Respect

When our ideas and opinions are valued, we feel empowered! Teachers who create a safe learning environment to express our feelings and learn how to respect other people’s opinions are likely to impact our life-long communication skills. They show us that respect can be earned over time and use mistakes to teach life lessons. Great teachers also offer advice and believe in second chances because they are empathetic with each student’s situations, struggles, and victories. 

Much like Superman, these teachers strive to highlight the inherent goodness of the human spirit, and the capacity of every student to do right by their peers. They show strength in their everyday decisions and have a healing factor towards others.

Creates a Sense of Community

A classroom should be a supportive and collaborative place. The best teachers create a sense of community within their students, giving them responsibilities and rules to follow. They help students gain social skills, conflict resolution, and time management skills. And just like in any other successful community, they recognize that what works best for one student might not work for another, so they value individual strengths and hard work.💪

Similar to Black Panther, these teachers are natural leaders and they empower everyone in their community. They use education to unite people around them and to better their leadership skills. They gain people’s respect and use innovation and technology to reach new goals within the community. 

Leads By Example

Dedication and love of learning are qualities of all great teachers. They are willing to share their knowledge and provide hands-on experiences to enrich our learning process. They look out for each student’s best interest and do what it takes to ensure everyone is safe and empowered. They continuously learn about the subject area they are teaching, explore new methods of communication, and even bring technology into the classroom. These actions show students the power of innovation and being lifelong learners. They teach us more with their actions than with words! “Tell me, and I forget. Teach me, and I remember. Involve me, and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin.

Just as Batman, these teachers have the ability to instruct logic and reasoning. They protect their students and help them leave fear behind. They serve as an example of how to overcome challenges and have great deductive skills. 

Makes Learning Exciting

Discovering new things should be fun! Teachers that can venture out of the workbooks and incorporate students’ interests into their classes are a gem.💎 They are able to teach new topics in ways that create enthusiasm and generate a dynamic environment. By taking advantage of teachable moments and building real-life connections, they can spark our interest in learning inside and outside the classroom.  

Like Wonder Woman, these teachers embrace the wonderful possibilities of the world around them and serve as a beacon of hope for those who need it. They show compassion and strength in their day-to-day lives. 

Teachers are an essential part of our formative years; they help shape us into the adults we will become, and if we are lucky enough, the lessons they teach us will last forever. Do you know or remember an exceptional teacher with any of these qualities? Celebrate them by taking this quiz to see which superhero they resemble the most! Share your results on social media and show your appreciation for the outstanding educators in your life.

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