The end of the school year is always a busy time for everyone involved in education. However, it’s also a crucial time to hear from parents to gain insight into how your school can improve. Collecting parent feedback is essential to retaining your students, and it’s a way to make parents know they active participants in their child’s education. 

If you are looking for practical ways to obtain effective end-of-the-year parent feedback to help you keep your students and create a brand new dialogue with parents, we are here to help! Here are three #ScholaApproved strategies you can easily implement before (or even during) summer break:

1. Use Social Media

Your school already has a social media presence? Use it to your advantage! Utilizing social media channels will allow you to reach a broader and more diverse audience of parents, making their voices heard. We recommend creating a social media survey or poll that asks participants for their feedback and opinions regarding the school’s academic and social offerings, extracurricular activities, parenting sessions, fundraising events, and other school-related activities.

Benefits: The benefit of using social media to collect feedback is its convenience. Social media surveys can be completed quickly, accessed 24/7, and most importantly, allow parents to share their thoughts from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, the responses can be collected and analyzed quickly, and the results can be shared with all stakeholders to boost transparency.

2. Organize One-on-One Meetings

Another effective strategy to obtain end-of-the-year parent feedback is to arrange one-on-one meetings with individual parents. You can do this by sending a personalized email invitation or making a phone call to schedule a time to meet. During the session, you can ask parents for their honest feedback about the school’s strengths and weaknesses, their children’s academic progress, and suggestions for school improvement. This strategy creates a space for open and authentic conversations, and parents appreciate the time and effort taken to listen to their opinions.

Benefits: One-on-one meetings give parents the opportunity to express their thoughts in a relaxed and intimate setting. It also makes parents feel valued, heard, and appreciated. The feedback collected from these meetings can provide specific and unique insights into the needs and concerns of individual families, which may not be accessible through surveys.

Parent Feedback

3. Encourage Group Meetings 

Promote a sense of community amongst parents by hosting group meetings. Organize a meeting in which parents get the chance to share their thoughts about the school and discuss any areas of concern. These types of meetings encourage conversation and allow parents to engage with one another, leading to new ideas and perspectives.

Benefits: Group meetings are an excellent opportunity for parents to connect and share their feedback collectively. Parents feel like they are part of a community working together to improve the school environment. Furthermore, group meetings can provide valuable information to school leaders, bringing concerns to their attention and enabling them to effectively address these concerns. 

Collecting end-of-the-year parent feedback is crucial in retaining students and building a healthy relationship between parents, students, and staff. Through these strategies, we hope to inspire you to be more proactive in engaging families and create an environment where parents feel heard, valued, and appreciated. We invite you to join our free weekly webinars to get more insights and learn other strategies to communicate with parents effectively. Our marketing experts will guide you on maximizing your communication to reach your unique goals. To join our webinars, claim your FREE Schola® profile today!

Remember, a vibrant and inclusive school community is the key to unlocking your students’ potential.