As the bell is about to ring in the new semester, school leaders can find themselves faced with the task of reaching out to interested parents and ensuring that no seats go unfilled while also managing all the duties and responsibilities that the start of a new school year entails. With open enrollment still available, the urgency to communicate effectively with potential families becomes paramount. So let’s review two simple yet powerful follow-up strategies for schools that can help you connect with interested parents. 

Personalized Communication

In the competitive educational landscape, parents seek a warm and individualized approach from school leaders, so it’s crucial to stand out. By reaching out directly to interested parents, you can reinforce the sense of care and attentiveness your institution embodies. This can be achieved through personalized emails and texts. 

#ScholaTip: Mention the parent’s name, express gratitude for their interest, and highlight any unique aspects of the school that align with their child’s needs or interests. This personal touch demonstrates a genuine commitment to each applicant, making them feel valued and increasing the likelihood of enrollment.

Follow-Up Strategies for Schools

Timely Updates and Information

Many parents are often unsure if they missed the enrollment deadline or if seats are still available, so ensuring clear, concise, and regular communication is vital in dispelling doubt and keeping parents engaged throughout the enrollment process. By proactively sharing updates about available seats, selected curricula, extracurricular activities, and any unique programs your school offers, parents can stay up-to-date and feel confident in making informed decisions for their children’s education.

If you are looking for ways to minimize the chances of miscommunication or missed enrollment opportunities while giving your team the right tools to maximize their capabilities, Schola can help. With our streamlined solutions that include a fully bilingual team to nurture interested families in both English and Spanish, following up with interested parents becomes a top priority. Our team can seamlessly execute crucial follow-up tasks through personal phone calls and automated texts and emails, ensuring no prospective students slip through the cracks.

Schedule a call to explore how you can achieve your follow-up and enrollment goals, guaranteeing that no opportunity is missed and every child finds their place within your school community. Remember, it’s not too late! Ensure success this upcoming school year by implementing these follow-up strategies for schools and building meaningful connections with interested parents to fill those remaining seats with eager students.