The sun is about to set on summer break, which means your child is another grade older and starting a new adventure with different teachers and even new friends. Exciting, isn’t it? As the clock is ticking for the first day of school, it is time to get the last details in order before the big day! 

Here are four ideas to finish the summer on a high note by making the most out of these last few days. Check it out!  

Plan a Get-Together

We all know how nerve-wracking it can be to start something, but finding a familiar face in any new setting can give us all the comfort we need to face the challenge ahead. So take advantage of these last few days of summer by organizing a get-together with some of your child’s classmates to help boost their confidence about starting a new school year. It could be a play date at the park, a picnic, or a night of video games; the goal is that your child reconnects with some of their classmates in a fun and relaxed setting.


Make a List, Check it Twice

To-do lists are a great way to get your student and yourself back on track. By dividing tasks to tackle during the last days of summer, you will make sure nothing slips through the cracks and help you both feel prepared for the first day of school. Lists can help motivate your student by segmenting goals into achievable daily assignments. Keep in mind that by starting to divide and prioritize tasks now, you will show them how effective it can be and encourage them to create their own to-do lists to help them get organized during the upcoming semester. 

Help Them Dress to Impress (Themselves!)

Help them look and feel their best by choosing items that will help them feel confident while also sticking to your budget. Planning out the outfits, uniforms, or accessories for the first few days of school will help reduce the time it takes them to get ready and make the morning routine run much smoother.

Have Fun

One of my fondest childhood memories was the last day of summer because my parents always made it extra special. It can be by planning an exciting day out or just some quality time together; making memories as a family is a beautiful souvenir from a successful summer. Having a fun activity to look forward to will ease the nerves of starting a new semester and could even help them sleep better before the big day. Remember, your child will only be this age once, so enjoy it together!


Every family is unique, that is why finding the right resources to support your student’s needs at every step of their academic journey is essential for their success. At Schola, we can help you navigate the new semester and assist you in finding the ideal educational setting for your student to thrive. Remember, you don’t need to settle when it comes to your child’s education! Instead, take our ScholaMatchâ„¢ and find the right schools in your area based on what matters most to you. 

Happy first day of school from our Schola family to yours!