Summer is already flying by, can you believe it? What efforts are you making to continue recruiting and keeping your returning families engaged with your school? Hosting virtual events can be a great way to stay connected with your community and help them get all the info they need on the latest plans and updates for the next semester. But which digital events are appropriate for your school’s community?

1. Webinars

At Schola, we host weekly webinars where we share helpful information for school leaders across the country, and you can do the same within your community. For schools, this can be a “Welcome to Class Webinar”. When creating a webinar, remember that it is not a sales pitch for your school, so steer clear of making it sound too salesy. It is essential to have a clear objective and provide tangible benefits for the attendees.

Schola Tips:

  • Welcome the attendees as they enter and make them feel welcome! This way, they will feel part of the community from the moment they join. 
  • Have an established CTA (call to action); it can be a link to your enrollment form or your Schola profile so that they can quickly provide their information and connect with your school in the same place. 
  • Get to know who is engaging with your school and follow up with them!

2. Online Classes

Does your school offer e-learning? If you are, you can share pre-recorded classes with new parents. You can use this time to highlight the students’ participation, the tools you offer, and the overall engagement of the past year in e-learning. 

Schola Tips:

  • For new families, you can create student panels so they can get to know the experience of senior students who will graduate next year and already know the ins and outs of life at your school. This can be a great confidence booster for new students! 
  • Everything’s better with coffee! You can make a virtual “coffee with the principal” for both new and returning families. This can be the perfect time to answer any specific questions they may have regarding the next school year.

3. Virtual Tours

Show off your warm, welcoming community! Either live or pre-recorded,  doing a walkthrough of your campus can bring a great sense of peace to new families. Make sure to narrate the video to highlight your school’s best features and keep it engaging. You don’t need a professional camera to create a successful virtual tour; you only need a smartphone to show the different areas of your school and help new students familiarize themselves with the campus. 

Schola Tips:

  • Get the right tech. The fewer moving parts you have, the fewer things will go wrong—test your microphone and headset before starting to record the video, test your internet, and avoid background noises. 
  • Have a colleague manage timekeeping, so you stay on track and stick to your schedule.

If you plan on hosting any of these virtual events this summer, ensure you are targeting your audience and appealing to their needs. Knowing your audience will help make sure your topics are attractive and your information is helpful. To promote these events, you can use Schola’s Automated Outreach Campaign, which allows you to send automated emails and messaging campaigns to promote effective communication and take follow-ups off your plate, so you can focus on what really matters. Make the most of your summer and help your community prepare for the next semester in new and engaging ways!