One of the most intimidating steps when creating a marketing campaign is the first one, so where do you start? Fortunately, if you’ve been following our School Leader Success Guide articles, you have already started creating a solid base for your next campaign. We have discussed how to define your audience and how to choose the proper marketing channels to achieve your primary goals. Now, let’s start building your school’s campaign!

1. What’s Your Budget? 

You might be surprised to read that most school leaders are unaware of their marketing budget. Do you know yours? When defining your budget, there are various uncontrollable facts, like seasonality, budget cuts, and student availability. But there are also many controllable factors to consider: team expectations, enrollment goals, student retention (to a certain extent), visibility, and marketing channels. 

Schola offers a practical and easy-to-use online tool that allows you to set and measure these controllable facts and overall expectations. The Schola’s Marketing Calculator on your school profile helps you learn your projected student acquisition cost. On average, schools should be spending $420 or less  to enroll a single student. 

2. Do You Have A Concept For Your Campaign?


When creating a school marketing campaign, it is essential to have a mission, vision and follow your visual identity. Your mission goes hand in hand with your campaign goals, and maintaining a visual identity allows families to recognize your communication more easily. Join our Schola Webinars to learn how to create and sustain an in-house recognizable visual identity for your content and social media marketing efforts. At Schola, we can also help you take care of reach, distribution, and engagement. No matter how powerful your concept is, it won’t generate the same impact if it’s not well distributed to reach and engage with the best potential leads for your school. 

3. How Often To Post And Promote Content?

Creating a timeline and visually mapping it is a lifesaver! It will help set deadlines, publish evenly in your chosen channels, and give you a better idea of where you should focus your time and energy. Remember, the timeline will help guide your campaign to a specific recruitment goal. You can achieve this goal through assets that allow families to convert, such as your free Schola Profile (claim it here!) and lead generation forms. 

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4. Ready To Monitor Your School Marketing Campaign Metrics?

The effectiveness of the metrics you’ll monitor will depend on the type of campaign you’re implementing and the chosen channels. A successful campaign provides a ROI that’s proportionate to the time and energy you put into it. Stick to your goal and adjust investment to boost your campaign’s success. With the Schola Dashboard, you can easily access your essential enrollment goals, achievements, and updates. It allows you to receive real-time indicators and monitor your results like never before. Check out this game-changing tool to make your recruitment and enrollment process easier and more complete.

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5. Now, What To Do With All This Data?

Analyze it. You’ll learn so much! By analyzing your campaign’s data, you can better understand your audience’s preferences, brand engagement, and creative effectiveness. What can we do differently next time? Can we save money? Did we get any feedback? These are all questions you should ask yourself when analyzing your data so you can expand and maximize your marketing efforts.

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If you have too much on your schedule and need assistance with your campaign strategies, executions, and analysis, Schola is here to help. Visit and claim your school’s profile so you can start having access to the best online tools that will help optimize your marketing campaigns and recruitment endeavors. Start today!